SexArt – Kiara Lord – Room Of Secrets Part 3

SexArt – Kiara Lord – Room Of Secrets Part 3
Description: Kiara Lord stretches out on her sunlounger, watching Matt Ice swim, as the third episode of Andrej Lupin intriguing series 淩oom of Secrets ?begins. When Matt goes inside, the pretty blonde follows him and they kiss, playful and passionate in equal measure. Kiara straddles Matt face, rocking her hips as she rides his probing tongue with intense pleasure. She turns into a sixty-nine, sucking his cock hard and deep as he licks her, then moves to her knees so he can penetrate her from behind. When she at boiling point, she breaks off to suck him again, sits astride him to ride some more, then rolls over into missionary to get fucked to a climax that leaves her utterly shaken and stirred. As it transpires that the liaison is in fact a masturbatory dream, the mystery and powerful sexual chemistry of 淩oom of Secrets ?is sure to leave you craving more ?/div>
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