Joymii – Kari and Kiara L. – Ladylove Photos

Model: Kiara L.
Released Date: March 15, 2016
Size: 178 MB
Quality: 117 Photos at 5000 Px
Description: There’s nothing quite like two sexy beauties spending some quality time with each other and making each other feel good. Kari and Kiara are those beauties and they definitely make each other feel good. Kiara starts with her trusty toy as Kari relaxes but their attraction is to strong and before too long Kiara needs to take her clothes off… and Kari’s too. 🙂 As they both get more comfortable, the toy returns and each takes turns using it on the other’s sweet pussy… until Kari feels the need to turn up the heat and use her tongue… until she realizes she doesn’t have to choose and decides to use both at the same time. Well, it goes without saying that Kiara enjoyed this the most. Come on in and see for yourself just how much as these two gorgeous gals share their Ladylove… enjoy! 🙂
title:Joymii – Kari and Kiara L. – Ladylove Photos