VivThomas – Eileen Sue, Victoria Puppy – Getting Closer Episode 1 – Invitation

Models: Victoria Puppy
Released Date: February 15, 2016
Size: 1.71 GB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 00:31:47
Description: Blue-eyed blonde Victoria Puppy initiates her Viv Thomas debut with a naughty tease in a see-through bodysuit, before we see hot brunette Eileen Sue helping her to write a romantic note to her boyfriend. As Victoria dictates the message, she slides a hand between Eileen Sue’s thighs to caress her pussy and they begin to kiss passionately. Later Victoria confesses she has had feelings for her friend for a while. Eileen Sue undresses, and she rubs her own clit frenetically as Victoria fingers and licks her to a noisy orgasm. She dozes a while, then joins Victoria in the shower, kneeling to spank her ass and eat her hungrily, and then finger-banging her to a climax that makes her knees buckle.
title:VivThomas – Eileen Sue, Victoria Puppy – Getting Closer Episode 1 – Invitation