X-Art – Lyra Louvel – Loving It Hard And Deep Photos

Model: Lyra Louvel
Released Date: February 10, 2016
Size: 766 MB
Quality: 91 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: It is exciting to welcome this true California Girl with knockout good looks to X-Art. Lyra Louvel makes both men and women turn their heads, and that is before she gets naked! Yes, this slender blonde has those hazel eyes and a flirtatious smile. But don’t be fooled. Lyra enthusiastically embraces her erotic fantasies, loves sexual role play and never settles for just one orgasm. Watch her amazing tongue when she licks a cock. And when she fucks a guy, she gets off even more knowing that you will be watching her every move. Lyra has a sweet ass and, trust me, she loves it hard and deep. XOXO, Colette

title:X-Art – Lyra Louvel – Loving It Hard And Deep Photos