X-Art – Joseline – One Day In Paradise Photos

Model: Joseline Kelly
Released Date: January 29, 2016
Size: 133 MB
Quality: 164 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: Sometimes a girl just wants to wake up, stroll to the bedroom balcony overlooking a spectacular ocean view, and glory in her beautiful sexuality. If you are Joseline, this became reality recently. What is even more true is her spectacular good looks and that body. With her perky tits peeking through her white halter top and those blue girlie shorts clinging to her tight, perfectly shaped ass, Joseline effortlessly is everyone’s wet dream. She decided to slip out of her clothes and let the breeze caress her naked body as this lovely college coed became even more aroused. Naturally, this led to orgasmic finger fucking and a perfect beginning to her day and yours. Let’s face it, guys. True paradise would be a day with your hard, throbbing cock inside Joseline’s delicious pussy, right? XOXO, Colette

title:X-Art – Joseline – One Day In Paradise Photos